Stanley Martin is the founder of Empower Career Coaching and Jobs Connect.  The mission is to provide  resources, information and business opportunities to assist individuals in meeting their full  earning potential and career goals.
Mr Martin has assisted thousands of people in finding their dream careers and improving their quality of life.
Born on the south side of Chicago where life was challenging and often overwhelming, he struggled daily with finding his direction in life. Career options were few and generally limited to fast food, warehouse and manual labor positions.
He knew in his heart that he needed to make a difference not only in his own life, but in the lives of others. In searching for new job opportunities, he gathered a wide variety of valuable resources and information. Even though most of the information did not fit his personal goals,
Stanley knew that other people could benefit from the resources, so he started holding job fairs and support group at his neighboring church. As the job sessions began to grow, Stanley realized that there were many more people who could use his help and resources. Armed with a plethora of employment resources and the passion to help more people.
Stanley started Jobs Connect and  Empower Career Coaching to help a variety of people meet and exceed their career goals.

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Hello and welcome to  Jobs Connect.

We’re a new online  site for employers to find qualified applicants. We connect people and job opportunities better than what options you may be using now. Our focus is to  help employers find and hire qualified talent.

Jobs Connect is an ideal tool to recruit the best people for any industry. From customer service and sales to product design and management. You simply post the job opening and let us do the work finding skilled applicants ready to go to work for you.

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